Change Control Process

Change Control Process

Sandra Morales
April 5, 2021 0 Comment

No matter the size of the company, having a good change control process for the management is a very important thing. As innovation is the key for companies to stay ahead in the fast paced world of business, this system can allow your employees to be innovative without wasting a great deal of time in meetings and doing the classic run around in the office.

Control Process

The change control process system in its inherent nature is complex, however, using it is not. The work flow is designed to allow the users of the system to get the most benefit with as little fuss as possible. By taking a four step process that enables employees to submit changes and implement them, the company can get the most benefit. The first step of this process is called the Initiation Phase. The employee or manager wishing to initiate a project must log onto the system, where they fill in information about the change they wish to make. This information includes details on the project as well as the group that needs to deal with it, as well as the time frame it needs to be completed in. Once this is completed, the owner of the change will process it to the next phase. This is what is known as the approval phase. During this step, the members of the group assigned to the change will be notified, and they will decide how to proceed with the project. When this is finished, the team members assigned to the project will continue onto the implementation phase. This is where all of the planning and strategic work of the approval and initiation phases are made a reality. Whether it is something simple like altering the dress code or something more intense like upgrading all of the computers in the company’s office, the work required is done during this phase. Once completed, the project is shifted to the confirmation phase. The base purpose of the confirmation phase is to make sure that the project was carried out completely and successfully.

Supporting the core functionality of the change control process system is the ability to have automated alarms when a change has been sitting too long unattended, as well as emergency flags for issues that must be resolved as soon as possible. These barely scratch the surface of what this application can do. If you are interested in learning more, or wish to schedule a demonstration so you may see it in action yourself.