Find The Best Way To Check Leakage In Your Inflatable Pool

Sandra Morales
August 6, 2019 0 Comment

Do you think that your inflatable pool is leaking from some part of the pool? If yes, then you should try to find out the leakage because pool leak wastes a lot of water. When you want to prevent leakage in your inflatable pool, you can get help from website. If you want to be an aware citizen, then you should try to avoid these things by checking your inflatable pool from time to time. You can easily find out the leakage in the inflatable pool by using a spray bottle, water, dish soap, marker, and a rag. It won’t take you much time if the pool is small but for the larger pool, it might take you a lot of time to find a leak in it. Keeping patients will help you to find the leak faster. You just need to get all the necessary items to find the leakage in the pool and then you can follow the given steps:

Add Soap  Mixture  in a Spray Bottle

• Add Soap Mixture in a Spray Bottle

You need to get a spray bottle in which you can add the liquid soap mixture. You can mix soap liquid into warm water and then mix it properly so that bubbles are also formed in the bottle. It should be soapy enough to find the leakage. If you were worried about how to find a leak in an inflatable pool, then you can consider taking help of this easy soap water method to find a leak.

• Use Soap on the Pool’s Surface

Use Soap on the Pool’s Surface

You can use the soap mixture on the surface of the pool. You need to start from the area where you are having a doubt of leakage. You need to focus from starting at one point and then you can keep rubbing the mixture by using a cloth on the surface of the pool. You need to keep going through the area slowly. Make sure that you cover every section so that it can be easy to find the leak easily. You need to check leaks around the valve and seams.

• Use Marker

When you will be doing the above procedure, you will definitely find the bubbles where the leak is. The bubbles will keep inflating from that place and you will circle those areas by using a marker and then continue because there can be even more than one leakage.

• Get a Patch for it

You need to use the patch where you will find leaks in the pool’s surface. You need to check all sides of the pool to find the leakage option and make sure that you re-examine those holes and then add a patch to it.

find a leak in the pool

So, these are the ways to find a leak in the pool and you can add patch at the right places. If you don’t find the repairing method, you can ask your friends who own inflatable pool. You can also take help of the manufacturing company to find the best way to close those leaks. This is the way to avoid leaking water from your inflatable pool and it won’t take much of your time.