How Can I Make My Door More Secure

How Can I Make My Door More Secure?

Sandra Morales
October 7, 2020 0 Comment

For some people, security is just a casual thing. If you are not among them, then you are most welcomed here. Some people want to give their residents 100% tight security. But it becomes hard for them to decide what will be the necessary steps. Here in this article, we are going to share 5 ways to make your home secure.

Add the Best Deadbolt at the Lock

A deadbolt can give your door good safety. But putting it on your door is not everything. You have to care about Jacksonville fl locksmith. Like, make sure that the door jamb opening is touching the deadbolt. These deadbolts can’t be locked from outside. That is the main advantage of this lock. It is only accessible from inside. Along with these points, keep another thing in your mind. Thieves always search for screws to open the door. So, make sure the deadbolt, you have installed, there is no exterior screw is peeping around.

Door Materials

Door Materials

While you are searching for the best doors to protect your house, make sure you choose the quality one. Be prepared for the worst. If the thieves or burglars can’t open the door peacefully, there is no other option left without violence. Whether you are selecting for residents or commercial places, choose the door with more durability. Iron, steel, glass fiber, solid woods, and powerful metals will be best. While selecting the door, make sure the door is rigid, not hollow. How to check it? Listen carefully to the sound after striking with a metal rod lightly. If the sound is echoing then it is hollow, if not then it is rigid.

Add Wide Angle Lens in Door

Probably, you have seen it in various apartments. The wide-angle lens is installed in the door which allows you to see a wide range of outside areas from inside. But on the other hand, no one can peep in your room through it from outside. It would be a great security measurement for you to check the person from inside before opening the door.

Add Biometric Locks

Generally, there is no need to install a biometric lock for residents, but if you are very serious about security then there is nothing better than Biometric locks. There is no need for keys. Even force can’t break the door. The doors will be protected through your biometric instructions. Fingerprint, face lock, Iris, and other biometric locks are available in the market. No one except the owner or the user can open the door.

Tighten The Set Screw

Tighten The Set Screw

The set screw is a part of the door lock. It helps to rotate the gear inside the lock. After using for a long time, due to frictional force and rust, the set screw gets damaged. Once in three months, try to tighten it properly. If the condition is too bad then replace it with a new one.

These points are more than enough to give you the ultimate security. We hope this article will help you to secure your door.