How do I prepare my house for painting

Preparing the Exterior of your House for Painting

Sandra Morales
January 12, 2020 0 Comment

If you are ready for you painting the exterior walls of your house in you need to focus on doing it perfectly. You can visit any local hardware store and get all the essentials for painting your house. You need to make sure that you complete all the tasks properly to get maximum efficiency in the painting work. If you want to make the painting work last a long time, then you need to make sure that you apply it properly. By using a good quality of materials for the paint you can ensure that everything is done properly.

Before the painting, wash the exterior walls

Before the painting, wash the exterior walls

It is essential that before you start any type of painting work you should wash away the walls. You can simply rent a pressure washer that will help you to clean the house properly from the front and back. As you already know that straight water is not good enough for cleaning the house which can only make the walls wet, but not remove the dust or debris from it. You need to give it a thorough cleaning so that it can help in removing the old paint from the wall so that you can make space for the new one.

Remove flakes and let the walls dry

Now you need to wait for some time to let the walls dry. After that, you can start removing the flakes of paint from the walls. You can use a standard paint scraper on the walls to remove the flakes. It is essential that you give at least 24 hours of time for the walls to dry so that you can easily remove the flakes from it. So painting is not a one day job as you need to be patient to do all the work properly and avoid any issues with it.

Use caulk to fill the holes or cracks in the wall

Use caulk to fill the holes or cracks in the wall

If you want to see details How do I prepare my house for painting, then the next step is essential. To avoid any issues with the walls you need to use caulk on it so that you can fill up all the cracks in the wall. If you think that there is a deep hole in the wall, then you can use the caulk to fill it up. You can spray the caulk in the wall to fill it completely.

Start focusing on the repairs of the wall

After that, you have to start working on the damages to the repairs. If you see any cracks or scraps on the wall, then you need to apply concrete or any other adhesive to make it smooth. It is essential that you do such things before the painting so that you can get a perfect finish.

Always apply the primer for the painting

It is essential that you always apply a layer of primer on the wall before applying the paint. This will help you to cover all the previous paint and get an additional coat of paint on which you can apply the fresh paint.

Remove any unnecessary items before painting

Remove any unnecessary items before painting

You can remove any unnecessary items which might come in the way while you are painting the wall. Such things are essential for you to consider before starting the painting work so that you do not face any problems when doing your work.

These are some of the ways by which you can learn How do I prepare my house for painting. It is essential that you use gloves and mask when applying paint on your walls as paints are not good for health. If you apply paint on your skin, then it will be hard for you to remove it for a long time. You should also make sure that you take your pet away from the painting site as they might hinder the work.