How do you Install a WiFi booster

How do you Install a WiFi booster?

Sandra Morales
November 8, 2019 0 Comment

Are you having a problem to get strong and reliable Wi-Fi signals in some areas of your house? As you know, it is one of the common problems that many people face at residential and commercial places. If you are unable to get a stronger Wi-Fi signal and good internet speed in some areas of your place, you may need to use a Wi-Fi booster for it. These kinds of devices are available to extend or boost the signal of your Wi-Fi router to provide better internet connectivity for you.

In the market, you will find different kinds of Wi-Fi extender/booster/ repeater that will be excellent to use for better coverage of Wi-Fi network at your place. However, you should know how do you install a WiFi booster to get the best results of your Wi-Fi signal:

Process to install Wi-Fi booster/repeater:

Process to install Wi-Fi boosterrepeater

You will find Wi-Fi boosters very easy to install without any kind of technical knowledge. You just need to follow the steps given below to install Wi-Fi booster or repeater at your place:

• You just need to place the booster at the location where you can receive the network of your existing Wi-Fi router.
• Then you will need to attach it with the power supply.
• Then you will log in to the network of Wi-Fi repeater via your computer or smartphone.
• Simply put the login details and password of the existing Wi-Fi network in your computer or other devices.
• After that, you will allow Wi-Fi repeater or booster to connect and extend the signal of your Wi-Fi network.

With easy steps, you will know how do you install a WiFi booster or repeater at your home, find more about this. If you and early go out of the range of your first network then the Wi-Fi booster will create the second network and you will be able to connect to the new network in your device.

If you are unable to find the range of both networks in some areas of your house, then you will need to change from your original Wi-Fi network to boosted network. You will need to disconnect and reconnect to the boosted network to get signals.

Difference between Wi-Fi extender and repeater:

Difference between Wi-Fi extender and repeater

When you want to find out the right solution to boost the Wi-Fi signal at your home, it is very important to choose the right device for it. You should understand the difference between the Wi-Fi booster and extender. Wi-Fi extender is the device that is designed to extend the coverage of your router however, the repeater will repeat the connection from existing router with the use of two routers.

If you are getting wi-fi repeater, you will set up the additional router in the dead zones in your home. The existing router will transfer signals to the second router and you will get better Wi-Fi coverage. There are lots of brands and types of Wi-Fi boosters and repeaters available in the market. You should check out the reviews and should get the right one that can provide the best results.