How the Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender Changed My Life

How the Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender Changed My Life

Sandra Morales
March 4, 2021 0 Comment

Living in a small apartment with a predictably small kitchen, my counter space is always at a premium. When I bought a food processor last year with the ambition of adding some unique dishes to my diet, I found that having a standard-sized appliance meant not only an awkward lack of space, but also, that a painful cleaning process would always follow each brilliant concoction that I made. Eventually my energy for this hassle was spent and the processor started collecting dust under the counter.

Last month I bought Cuisinart’s brand new Immersion Hand Blender; this incredible little stainless-steel gadget cost me less than $50 and has completely changed my cooking routine. It’s incredibly useful for prepping-quickly chopping up a ton of garlic, onions or tomatoes-and has also inspired me to add a lot of new dishes to my rotation. The Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender comes with a hand blender, a processing attachment, and whisk attachment. The blades on both the hand blender and the attached processor are of incredibly quality, and the motor is very powerful for a tool of its size. Of course, by far, the greatest thing about having this awesome gadget is being able to process soups and purees without the tremendous mess and inconvenience of the traditional “Pour Soup into Blender” method. The immersion hand blender will go directly into any pot or bowl and blend the soup without any fuss-this has pretty much revolutionized my soup making, and I am thrilled that I can my favorite enjoy cream of broccoli soup in usually under 20 minutes.

Of course, no machine is perfect and there’s a few quirks you should consider before purchasing this nifty little gadget. The main one is its size. While the immersion hand blender itself can process a meal of any size, the attached food processor is quite small. If you have a larger household, making something like salsa or guacamole for a larger group may require a few batches. Of course, an innovative cook could just toss all the ingredients into a large bowl and use the hand blender to process, but it can be tricky to achieve a chunky consistency. Another small issue involves cleaning the hand blender. Because it is so small, and the sharp blades do not detach, it can be a challenge to reach all the corners to clean the blades-without also losing a finger! I find that if you soak the blades for a few minutes before cleaning, a soapy sponge will do the job quickly and safely, but it is still something to consider. In general, cleaning the Cuisinart Hand Blender is a dream, compared to cleaning a standard sized food processor and all of its parts. We have provided you detail about hand blender; if you want to explore your knowledge, look at more info.

I think it is a fantastic addition for any cook’s toolbox and if you do decide to invest in one, here a great few recipes I have developed over the last few weeks.

Tomato Pesto (for 2)

Tomato Pesto

Ingredients Needed: 2 cups of packed basil leaves, 2 cloves of Garlic, 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese, 2 Tomatoes, 3 tablespoons of Pinenuts, half a cup of olive oil

Roast chopped tomatoes in the oven for an hour, at 375. The flavor will concentrate deliciously and give the tomatoes a richer texture. Toast pine nuts in a dry pan until they become golden brown and add to Mini-Processor along with the basil and half the olive oil. Process by pulsing for 30 seconds at a time and using a spoon to re-distribute contents if needed. Add the garlic, cheese, tomatoes, and the rest of the olive oil. Repeat and then just salt to taste. This wonderful pesto is incredible for pasta, sandwich spreads, or even over meat or fish.

Roasted Garlic Hummus (for 3-4)

Ingredients: 1/3 cup tahini, 3-4 cloves roasted garlic, 2 cups of canned chickpeas, 1/ 4 cup lemon juice, 1 tablespoon olive oil, salt.

Roast the garlic by cutting the top of a bulb, dressing lightly with olive oil and salt and roasting at 375 for an hour. Toss into processor. It will be creamy and process with a just a few pulses. Add chickpeas and olive oil. Last, add tahini and salt to taste. Hummus is a delicious dip for crudites, or you can make it a theme night and make other Middle-eastern dishes like falafel sandwiches and baba ghanoush.