How to Change Locks on New Home

How to Change Locks on New Home?

Sandra Morales
January 6, 2021 0 Comment

Everyone’s first step in their new home is changing the lock on their home because that is the only thing that secures their home from anything. So here are some simple guides that very useful for you to do that process. The first step is removing the old deadbolts and other door parts. Removing the parts are very easy and be careful while removing it because it may be broken. The second step is fixing the new deadbolt. And keep one thing in your mind that most of the deadbolts are in up aside. The third step is inserting a new lock. Lock is an important part of every door so try to get a quality one. Fix it in the deadbolt slots where you can fit both lock and key. The fourth step is testing and checks whether it is installed correctly or not. So, these are all the simple steps to change the new one.

When to call a locksmith?

When to call a locksmith

Not every lock problem will rectify by yourself and sometimes you need a professional’s help. So, by reading this you can know when to call them. If your house and lock are old then it will be most sensitive and removing it is very hard. Because if you do not properly remove it them it may break your door too. So, in that situation, you have to call a locksmith for help. Then there is a lot of locking systems so when you want a master key system and you have to call them. Master locking system is one of the common things that everyone having today. When you have the skills to repair it and do not have any confidence then do not do anything and call a locksmith.

How much it cost to change a new lock?

It depends on the lock you are choosing and the service. Because some lock costs low and some advanced locking systems cost more. So, try to keep it within your budget. When it comes to lock you have to buy a whole lock kit and surely it cost much. If you have the skills to install it by yourself then you can save money otherwise you have to call a locksmith. But installed by the locksmith is a good option because no need to worry about anything and you can call anytime if your lock has any problem.

What are the common types of locks

What are the common types of locks?

Everyone has a different idea about their house and the lock also. And there are a lot of types of indoor locks such as knob lock, cam lock, deadbolt lock, padlock, and mortise lock. But commonly installed by everyone is deadbolt lock and knob lock because using and maintaining it is very easy and it cost lower than other locks. Knob locks are the best and cheap method for securing your door because no one can easily break it. Most of the external doors are having a deadbolt lock for more security. So, these are all the common types of door locks.