How to Kick Soccer Balls Harder

How to Kick Soccer Balls Harder?

Sandra Morales
October 26, 2020 0 Comment

Are you a soccer player? Then you have experienced that many times when you want to hit the ball harder but fail.

Have you thought it is just by chance or a problem in your technique? It could be bad luck, but most of the time, our strategy to hit the ball was wrong when we missed a kick.

How can we overcome and correct our technique to play better in the future? You have tried a lot but cannot overcome your problem. No need to blame yourself; it is familiar with most of the players.

You are on the right platform, where we will provide you with complete guidelines about how to kick a soccer ball harder. It will surely help you to manage your kick well in the future.

Steps to follow: How to Kick?

Steps to follow How to Kick

Before hitting, keep your mind relaxed and maintaining your focus on the soccer ball; follow these simple steps that will help you hit the soccer ball harder.

Steps to Kick Soccer ball harder:

• When you are going to hit a ball, set an angle of ball with your dominant foot. Take some steps back to push a ball harder.
• While hitting the ball, run quickly, and when coming close to the ball, you should shorten your steps.
• Do not hurry; while hitting, keep your non-dominant foot right next to the ball. It will help you to maintain your body balance while hitting.
• While hitting, set your non-dominant foot towards that direction where you want to kick the ball.
• A common mistake that players make at that time, they see most of the time to goal point and ignore the wrong ball. You should focus on the ball and kick at the right place on the ball.
• You should not stretch your body and keep it relax. Most of the people make their body stretched that loses their control over the ball.
• Now smoothly take your dominant foot leg back before hitting the ball.
• Here it would help if you kept your toes angle towards the earth.
• Be careful here; do not change the angle of your toe while taking forward your leg. If you kick your ball with a pointing thumb, you may hurt yourself and kick also be lost.
• Always kick the ball with your foot laces.
• Most players stop while hits the ball; it is wrong. It would help if you swung yourself with the ball after hitting the ball towards the goal.
• Move around and place your foot on the ground; it will make you balanced on the floor.
• It is a better idea to make your shot successful; you should run behind the shot to pressure the goalkeeper.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

Finally, we say that only a good and harder kick ensures players’ performance in a soccer game. So, it would help if you always tried new techniques to make your kick harder.

You have read some simple steps for a harder kick in our above content about kicking a soccer ball harder. It will help you to improve your kicks during the match. For more information, you can visit Teamsportsmania.