Knit Baby Cap

Learn to Knit Baby Cap in The Easiest Method

Sandra Morales
May 8, 2019 0 Comment

Do you want to knit baby hats? If any of your friends has given birth to a baby a few days back, then you can decide to gift your friend woolen baby cap. Every single baby looks beautiful in woolen handmade cap. Not only caps make your child look adorable but it can also prevent him/her from cold. It can be a really sweet gift if you want to present to your friends’ who has just become parents.

It might be easier to gift readymade cap but that won’t show your pure love to the baby. If you don’t know how to knit a baby hat, then you can easily learn it from here. In internet technology, it is not really difficult to learn what you want because you have the tutorials available. If you are thinking that knitting baby cap will be really boring, then you are wrong because it can be really a relaxing and fun task. Even if you want to learn knitting, then the best way to start is by knitting a baby cap. You just need a little bit of time to start this project and you won’t find any difficulty in doing this work. Here are some steps which you need to take if you want to learn to knit baby cap:

how to knit a baby hat

• First of all, the selection of yarn is important as there are number of color and fabric options available in the market. It will be better that you consider buying the yarn which is really soft. You need to consider the weight of the yarn before purchasing it as some people prefer using light-weight yarn for the babies.

• After you have selected the color and yarn of the cap wool, you can start choosing the right kind of needles. Now there are different sizes of needles available for knitting but for this task, you will have to choose the needles of size 6. Make sure that you decide to purchase the straight knitting needles instead of purchasing the circular ones.
You can also ask the shopkeeper about the right choice of needles and he/she might help you in the best way possible.

• When you will choose needles and yarn, you need ot start knitting by casting it. You need to cast total of sixty loops in a needle and then you can continue knitting through it. You have to knit almost five inches of swath for the baby cap.

baby hat

• You can wrap the wrath into cap by stitching it together as a cap leaving one side open to make it wearable. Make sure that you remember to cut out the extra yarn.

So, these are the simple steps to complete baby hat knitting but you can also take help of your elders before doing this task. The old aged people know better about knitting and you can also take help fo the video tutorials if you want to learn it in a better way. After preparing the hat, you can gift it in a beautiful paper bag.