How to Watch the Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream Online

How to Watch the Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream Online

Sandra Morales
June 6, 2021 0 Comment

Nothing is worth missing the Stanley Cup Finals live stream in 2021. Everyone can watch the game live on NBC from home on TV. But what if someone is outside? Or if he has no television at home? If you’re that someone, then you’re looking for a solution, which this article will provide you.

The exciting play-off is going on live with teams scoring high. The finals will be starting in July. Here, in this article, you’ll find everything you need to know to watch the final games online. So, continue reading till the end to find the perfect solution for you.

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Online Streaming

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Online Streaming

You already may know that NBC is telecasting the NHL finals on TV this year. So, now all you need is to find a few of the best online TV streaming platforms to watch the games. No, obviously, you don’t need to subscribe to all the platforms. Rather, you should compare between top platforms and purchase a subscription that suits you best.

So, the following are a few of the best online TV streaming platforms in the USA to watch Stanley Cup Finals:


If you’re living in the USA, you must have heard of fuboTV. It’s one of the leading online TV streaming platforms in the country. Some of you may already have a subscription to the platforms. If yes, then you can use your subscription to watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream on NBC.

And if you haven’t subscribed yet, you can go and do that right now. There’s a lot of subscriptions available. The monthly plan starts only at $64.99 with more than 100 channels. So, besides NHL, you also can enjoy NBA, NFL, and a lot more. Visit their website to get more information. And one more thing, fuboTV offers a free trial of 7 days to its new customers. Therefore, you can check their services before you go for the premium plans.

Hulu+Live TV

Another great online streaming platform to watch the final games of the Stanley Cup is Hule+Live TV. You can catch all the action of the thrilling ice hockey live through this site. If you’re not new in the USA, then there’s no way you haven’t known about Hulu. Even people who watch USA sports events or TV shows have heard of Hulu+Live TV.

The subscription plan for Hulu+Live TV starts at $54.99 per month only. It’s slightly lower than fuboTV. So, if your only goal is to watch the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals live stream, then it’s a better option. Still, it’s up to you, which one you like.

YouTube TV

Well, if you’re someone who hasn’t heard of both fuboTV and Hulu, it’s acceptable. But you can’t be someone who hasn’t heard of YouTube. That’s because YouTube has its services all around the world. It’s the world’s leading video streaming platform.

The good thing is that a few years back, they launched YouTube TV. So, you can watch all the TV channels on this streaming platform. Including NBC to watch the NHL finals. The quality of their services is undoubtedly one of the best.

Sling TV

Last but not least comes Sling TV.  For new customers, they offer one month of subscription at only $10! Of course the cheapest in the list with good quality of services. So, visit their website to subscribe right now.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

These four platforms are enough for you to find the best one. When you’re choosing one, ensure it offers all the NBC channels that will telecast the NHL. Besides, some of the platforms may not be available in every area. So, that’s a consideration too—best of luck watching the exciting Stanley Cup Finals live stream online.