Masters 2021 Live Stream

Masters 2021 Live Stream: Get Tickets from Secondary Market

Sandra Morales
January 12, 2021 0 Comment

Getting tickets for The Masters 2021 is like a dream comes true. You can not apply for the tickets directly because tickets are sold 1 year in advance. That means tickets for this year’s event were sold last June and not available now.

Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t got the tickets then. You still can manage it from secondary markets. A very limited number of tickets are available in the market, so try to get them before they are sold out. If you fail to do that, keep in mind, you always can enjoy Masters 2021 Live Stream on your devices.

Get Tickets on Secondary Market

If you google it, you will find many companies that are selling tickets for then Masters 2021. You can research a little bit and purchase your ticket. And by any chance, if your tickets get cancelled, you will receive a full refund.

The price of the tickets is always pretty high on the secondary market. And this year the rate has gone to a record-high amount. This happened after the announcement of allowing limited fans were announced.

The average asking price for a practice round is $500. This is the cheapest option available. If you prefer to go on Wednesday to watch the par 3 contest, the rate is around $1000. This is the priciest day before the tournament days because of the contest.

After the tournament rounds start, the price gets higher. For Thursday and Friday, the average asking price for the tickets is between $2000 to $2500. That’s pretty high. However, on Saturday, the best deal is after the two rounds a few players get out of the tournament.

 The average asking price for this day is around $1500, which low compared to the previous two days.

The asking price for the tickets for the final on Sunday is the highest. People are willing to pay more for this day. The rate for Sunday is more than $2500. But if you can bargain a little bit or find sites that offer a cheap rate, you can get the ticket at lower than $2000.

Weekly badges are also available for selling in secondary markets. You can get them for $7000 to $9000. You better research a little bit before purchasing and check who offers the lowest price.

We don’t recommend getting tickets from secondary markets unless you really want to watch the game from the stadium or get plenty of money to spend. Compared to the original price, these rates are unfairly high. You can enjoy the Masters 2021 Live Stream at home with any streaming device.

Purchase Masters 2021 Tickets from Travel Companies

Purchase Masters 2021 Tickets from Travel Companies

You read it right. Travel companies also sell tickets for the Masters. No, they directly don’t sell them, rather they offer packages. They will arrange the transportation, take care of your accommodation, and guide you to the Augusta National Golf Club.

The price varies based on what services will you get and which round you are attending. It is somewhere between $2000 to $500, even higher. You should do good research on google before selecting the travel company.

Find a reputable one unless you want to face trouble. Cause cheap providers often treat you with unsatisfactory services.

Is it Possible to Enter the Club for Free?

Is it Possible to Enter the Club for Free

Well, though free entries are not allowed, if you can make arrangements, you may watch the tournament for free. Every ticket allows two re-entries in the rounds. So, go to the parking lot during the tournament and look if someone is leaving the building.

You can ask them if they can give you the badge. If you are lucky enough to find someone generous, you can get a free entry.

Final Thoughts

The Masters is a famous tournament, and you will never miss it. But considering the price, we suggest you watch Masters 2021 Live Stream online. If you still want to go, we wish you good luck getting the tickets before the stock is out.