NooLVL Boosts Cognitive Function and Improves Acuity in Esports

Sandra Morales
August 5, 2023 0 Comment

Gamers require a high level of mental awareness and reaction time. Fatigue can decrease these abilities and make gamers more prone to errors. NooLVL boosts cognitive function and improves acuity while remaining stimulant-free.

This one-of-a-kind ingredient is the first cognition-enhancing supplement with data specific to gaming. It’s a patented blend of Bonded Arginine Silicate and additional inositol.

Improved Cognitive Function

The patented ingredient nooLVL, from Nutrition 21 is clinically proven to enhance cognitive function, focus and energy levels without stimulants in eSports gamers. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 26 male and female gamers showed that supplementation with nooLVL significantly improved performance in several computerized cognitive tests and reduced perceived fatigue and anger.

Gamers must make a myriad of quick decisions and have a high level of concentration during gaming. This ability is augmented with nooLVL, which enhances working memory, improves reaction times and decreases errors during play.

Participants in the study consumed nooLVL (a bonded arginine silicate complexed with a dose of inositol) for seven days. They then completed Cambridge Brain Sciences computerized cognitive tests at the baseline, day one after the first dosage and at the end of the study. The cognitive tests evaluated included visual representation, spatial planning, deductive reasoning and attention and concentration. The results showed that the gamers consuming nooLVL improved on the trails making test, improved their score on the Stroop Test and decreased their error rate.

Enhanced Reaction Time

Esports gamers rely on quick reactions, focus and memory to compete. Nutrition 21 has developed a patented complex of bonded arginine and silicon with an optimized dose of inositol that is clinically tested to boost cognitive performance for this fast-paced gaming audience.

In a 2021 trial, the ingredient improved short-term memory and reaction time in 26 experienced gamers after just 15 minutes of supplementation. These improvements are highly relevant to gaming and demonstrate that nooLVL can rapidly improve effects that are directly applicable to esports gamers.

In addition, it reduces fatigue and enhances working memory performance to help gamers make better decisions at a faster pace. Gamers often become fatigued after long gaming sessions and are more prone to errors when making important decisions while tired. NooLVL helps gamers stay alert and less prone to mistakes in the heat of the moment. This is why it’s included in Force Element’s upcoming eSports pre-workout, Flight Through.

Reduced Errors

Gaming requires quick reactions, focus and fine motor skills that are essential to succeed at esports competitions. In a clinical study designed specifically for gamers, nooLVL, a non-stimulant ingredient by Nutrition 21, was shown to improve cognitive performance in players after just one dose within 15 minutes.

The patented complex of Bonded Arginine Silicate with an additional optimized dose of Inositol, is designed to support brain nitric oxide production. This increases blood flow to the brain, allowing for safe and enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

In a gold standard (double-blind, placebo controlled) clinical study that included a 7-14 day washout period, nooLVL was shown to increase perceived energy levels in gamers and reduce errors during a 60 minute game session. It also improved Trail Making Test A, B and Stroop tests compared to those taking a placebo. This was the first time the patented ingredient was clinically tested in a gaming population, proving its safety and efficacy.

Increased Mental Focus

In the world of eSports, titles are won or lost by literal milliseconds of reaction time and cognitive function. The new research from Nutrition21, featuring their patented arginine-silica-inositol complex nooLVL (now available fully dosed at a full 1.6g per serving), shows that this stimulant-free ingredient can significantly improve gamers’ cognitive function.

In this gold standard, placebo controlled clinical study on gamers who spend five or more hours a week playing modern video games, nooLVL was shown to boost short-term memory and reaction time within 15 minutes of ingestion!


This was achieved by improving nitric oxide levels and blood flow to the brain, helping gamers to achieve better focus and mental acuity. The new research also showed that gamers who took nooLVL made fewer errors while playing their games. This is a big deal, especially in a fast-paced competition where errors can be costly!