What Is Cloud Based Hosting For Ecommerce

What Is Cloud Based Hosting For Ecommerce?

Sandra Morales
April 25, 2022 0 Comment

If you are a new to ecommerce, you may be wondering what exactly is cloud based hosting for ecommerce. If so, then you have probably heard of Platform as a Service (PaaS). But what is PaaS? And how is it different from other cloud based hosting for ecommerce solutions? You can read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the benefits of PaaS.

Platform as a service

Platform as a service

Cloud based hosting and platform as a service are two different terms for the same concept. With a cloud-based ecommerce platform, businesses use a server on another provider’s network and pay for the use of virtual servers and other hardware. They can enjoy all of the benefits of self-hosting on-premise, such as fewer capital expenses and updates, but also the convenience of having a backup system available for their data in case something should happen.

While PaaS allows businesses to access a centralized server, users retain control over data and applications. Most PaaS providers will also include the server software, but not the ecommerce license. However, cloud hosting for ecommerce platforms is far cheaper than an on-premise solution. In the cloud, a mid-sized online retailer might pay $170,000 for a hosted Magento Commerce site.


With cloud computing, you can enjoy extended flexibility and maximize your budget while taking advantage of a number of benefits. For example, you no longer have to worry about purchasing hardware and hiring maintenance staff. You can pay only for the resources you need. Cloud providers take care of security and upgradation for you, eliminating the worry about servers and maintenance. As long as you have a good idea of how much traffic you will experience during any given month, you can choose a cloud hosting plan that suits your needs.

Various companies provide flexible cloud ecommerce hosting solutions. Some offer the ability to integrate multiple platforms, including Joomla! and Magento. Others provide the necessary knowledge and optimization for a particular platform, such as nopCommerce, an open-source eCommerce shopping cart. Either way, a cloud hosting provider with ecommerce expertise will be a good deal. Depending on the type of services you require, you can choose between IaaS and PaaS.


Scalability is an essential feature of a Cloud based hosting for ecommerce platform. A scalable platform allows a business to easily scale up and down as the volume of traffic increases. By using virtual machines instead of physical infrastructure, you can increase or decrease your storage capacity without worrying about performance. You can also add third-party apps and services to enhance your customer experience and boost your revenue. A cloud-based hosting platform can accommodate the demands of both large and small businesses.

Another benefit of cloud-based hosting for ecommerce is its scalability, or elasticity. This flexibility allows your business to scale up more quickly and accommodate sudden spikes in traffic. Most online retail shops have peak traffic periods where they require more resources than usual. By scaling up, your website can respond to these spikes and still maintain a steady level of performance. Moreover, a cloud-based solution reduces your application’s downtime and increases compliance and security.



Ecommerce sites can now benefit from secure cloud based hosting services. Cloud based services help organizations move their work online with minimal investment. By offering flexible scalability, cloud ecommerce applications can accelerate time-to-market. When choosing a cloud ecommerce service, the IT department should consider the total costs of the cloud solution. These costs include security, maintenance, and other related costs. For example, it’s a good idea to compare the cost of a cloud solution to the costs of owning and maintaining a dedicated server.


Another key benefit of a secure ecommerce platform is the security of your data. While some hackers are just out to destroy websites, others are looking to steal valuable information and profit from them. These malicious people may inject code into your website to put viruses on visitors’ computers or hijack your advertising space. They may also steal passwords and encrypt files for a ransom. The theft of credit card information can harm your business and reputation. That’s why choosing a secure hosted ecommerce platform is so important.

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