What Size Garage Opener Do I Need

What Size Garage Opener Do I Need?

Sandra Morales
October 15, 2020 0 Comment

All of us know, how difficult it is to lift a garage door, but garage door openers do the weightlifting work for you. But there are numerous situations in which a garage door works and garage door openers specifications like size, brand or company, etc. differs. With so many options, one might get confused which is the apt garage door opener.

Here is a guide that can help you make wise decisions while choosing garage door openers size or you can visit here also herogaragedoor.com.

Analyzing your garage door:

What Size Garage Opener Do I Need

The properties of your garage door will make a huge difference in the inclination of your liking of garage door openers as well as the horsepower needed. The weight of your door is directly proportional to the power needed. Know what you have in hand by measuring using measure tape the width and height of your garage door. Single car garage door measures 10 feet wide and 8 feet high. This is the standard size and doors having a larger size than this fall under double car garage doors.

The next big step is taking the garage door material into consideration. Though the spring balance does the job of lifting the door at times heavier doors consume more power will be needed. Insulation adds more weight to the door.

Comparing horsepower requirements:

Usually garage door openers take 1/3 to 1 horsepower. A minimum of ½ horsepower is needed for residential use garage door openers. 1/3 horsepower is taken by single car garage doors which are lightweight and do not provide insulation. Taking more about insulation, wooden double car garage doors take up to ¾ horsepower, otherwise, double car garage doors take ½ horsepower. There are doors that are wider than 16 feet (general size of double car garage) which consumes 1 or more horsepower.

Considering Drive Types:

Considering Drive Types

Deciding over garage door openers, one must discuss drive types. Usually, single car garage door openers radiate between belt and screw or chain drove types, devoid of damaging the motor. The advantage of choosing chain openers is that it’s not difficult to repair and is suited best for residential garage door openers. While the advantage of choosing a screw and belt driven type is that they make less noise while working. Now, it up to you which one to opt for according to your requirements. Also, don’t forget to consider the surrounding scenario or the situation.

Opting for the right installation type:

Either you can choose to install it by yourself or take professional help. The self – installation will require three steps to assemble. One-piece rail is provided in a professional model. The crucial part is not the strength of the rail but how correctly you fix the rail so that the garage door works efficiently without any obstruction. If you are using the opener for the residential garage door, then it’s preferable to do it yourself. Neither is it a difficult process nor does it take much of your time.