Whatsapp for Android

Whatsapp for Android

Sandra Morales
March 3, 2021 0 Comment

For an intelligent user it is not hard to guess that the name Whatsapp is a pun on the common colloquial term “What’s Up?” It is commonly used for informal greetings or when friends meet up. Whatsapp Inc. has used this oft used term very subtly to its own advantage and has created a revolutionary service easily available to all Android phone users.

Whatsapp was launched in May 2011 for non-BBM users as a common platform where people could share their thoughts, feelings, minute-to-minute tit bits of their lives, images, videos, audios and much more. It was first created for Android phones to provide the same feel as the Blackberry Messenger, which until October 2013 was not available on non-blackberry phones.

WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp for Android

What is Android?

Android is a unique Operating System developed for touch screen phones and tablets. Just like different versions of Windows and Linux are installed in all personal computers and laptops as well as tabs, it is similar with smart phones.

Initially the OS was developed by Android Inc., Android is now owned by Google Inc. since 2006. An Android phone was sold for the first time in October 2008 and is now available across many Phone companies like Samsung, Sony, Google etc.

Whatsapp for Android Phones

Whatsapp and Android Phones have a connection since the creation of Whatsapp as a special messaging service. Due to the heavy demand of BBM, a large number of people were indulging in the purchase of Blackberry phones. This had created a completely different and private circle of BBM service users.

The Android phone users felt utterly and completely left out as they could not keep up with the social circles or so they felt. They either had to buy Blackberry phones or had to choose to stay away from the instant messages which could and could not be work related. This also resulted in the fall in sales of Android enabled smart phones.

This is when a revolutionary application like whatsapp plus was launched by a tech-start-up, located in Silicon Valley, USA. The app was launched as free service and was way cheaper compared to Blackberry Internet packs which used to burn a whole in the pockets of BB users.

Requirements to Use Whatsapp on Android

For any Android Phone to be able to use Whatsapp, it is essential to have certain basic necessities which include the following:

  • The Android Operating System installed on the phone must be at least a 2.1 version or above.
  • Usually an unlimited Internet Data Plan is suggested for unlimited and hassle free usage of the service.
  • It is not supported on only Tablets with Android OS in which calling, messaging and other cell phone facilities are not available.
  • The application is easily available for free in the Android Market, specifically accessible through Android OS enabled phones.

Drawbacks of Using Whatsapp on Android Phones

  • Whatsapp usage in Androids often makes the system slow and also induces the phone to get hanged.
  • Using Whatsapp in Androids risks the possibility of chats getting hacked leading to misuse of any important personal data.

But in spite of such drawbacks, people risk their privacy to keep in touch with friends and family with cheap and fast communication app.