Why Is It Important to Exterminate Mice?

Why Is It Important to Exterminate Mice?

Sandra Morales
October 3, 2023 0 Comment

Mice are pests that spread diseases through urine, droppings and chewing. They also spoil stored food and damage property.

Musty rodent odors, squeaking and scratching noises from wall voids are all signs of a mice infestation. Store all food in metal containers, and wipe down kitchen counters frequently.

A professional exterminator will examine the property and look for possible entry points, such as attics, crawlspaces, basements or cracks around windows and doors.

1. They Can Infest Your Food

They Can Infest Your Food

Mice are known to carry a number of diseases and contaminate food, spreading them through their urine, droppings and bedding. They also chew through wires which can cause fires.

They can easily gnaw through most containers and bags so make sure all of your food is tightly sealed in container that can’t be chewed. You should also examine the outside of your home and repair any cracks or holes that mice can squeeze through.

Rodents will raid pantries, storage cupboards and boxes in search for food. They also urinate and defecate anywhere, leaving behind a terrible stench. Droppings can spread microbes that are harmful to humans, including hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis and tularemia. They can also trigger allergies and asthma because of the particles they release into the air.

2. They Can Damage Your Property

Mice can chew through anything, including the walls of your house and the special items that belonged to your great-grandmother stored in your attic. They also chew through electrical wires, which can cause a fire hazard in your home.

Mice are able to squeeze through openings as small as a quarter inch, so you need to make sure there are no holes around your house. This includes screened chimneys and vents, closed doors and windows, caulking and a variety of other sealing techniques, check out the post right here.

It’s also important to clear brush and other vegetation that can provide hiding places for rodents away from the outside of your house. Also, keep trash cans tightly sealed and clean up pet food and bird seed. Store woodpiles and compost bins away from the house.

3. They Can Cause Health Issues

Mice contaminate food, damage woodwork and electrical wiring, ruin stored items, gnaw on pipes and clog drains, and spread diseases such as salmonellosis, leptospirosis, hantavirus, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. They also urinate and defecate around homes to mark their territory.

If you see droppings or hear squeaks from rodents in the walls, call a pest control professional as soon as possible to exterminate them. Mice are known for chewing through a variety of materials to create their nests, such as wires and insulation, so you need to act fast before they damage your property and cause health issues.

Reduce your chances of an infestation by removing all attractants around your property. This includes garbage, trash, food scraps, fallen fruit and other crumbs. You should also move away or store wood piles, leaf piles and construction materials far from your home.

4. They Can Be Dangerous

They Can Be Dangerous

Mice can be dangerous and cause health issues. They spread bacteria and viruses through their feces, saliva and urine, and they can also carry fleas and mites that can transfer diseases to humans.

Mice are able to chew through electrical wires, which can lead to fires and pose a serious safety hazard. They can also damage surfaces with their gnawing and claws, leaving behind dangerous germs and a mess.

You can help deter mice by keeping your property clean and reducing food sources. Store all food in rodent-proof containers, and make sure to close garbage cans tightly. Eliminate any water sources by repairing leaky pipes, and reduce shelter by removing debris, brush piles and other places to hide. You can also install door sweeps and seal any cracks or gaps around your home with silicone caulking.

5. They Can Cost You Money

Mice are notorious for chewing through pipes and can cause costly water damage. The exact cost of repairing the damage can vary depending on the type of pipe and where it is located in your house, apartment, farm or business.


Mice are a common pest, but there are many ways you can help control their population. Keep an eye out for signs of mice, including droppings, gnaw marks and musty rodent odors, and make sure you clean your property regularly. Keeping food and garbage stored in airtight containers and not in the open can also help. Preventative measures include reducing accessible food sources, such as by sealing pantry shelves and cabinets, and installing door sweeps and caulk around the doors and windows. This can help prevent mice from making their way inside.