Choosing The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Choosing The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Sandra Morales
June 7, 2021 0 Comment

Hardwood floor cannot be treated as an ordinary floor. If it treated properly, hardwood floor will beautify your room. Otherwise it will look shabby, dirty and old. You have to use the best hardwood floor cleaner.

There are so many brands of hardwood floor cleaner in the market. This is also adapted to the wood materials used for the floor. For the initial stage, first you need to sweep your hardwood floor, or you can use a vacuum cleaner machine. Some vacuum cleaner machines already have hardwood floor cleaner’s setting. For further treatment, you have to look at the based on your hardwood floor material. Is it made of waxed floors, varnish floors, or polyurethane floors? For the waxed floors, it should be swept quite ordinary.

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Basically, you do not need to use any hardwood floor cleaner for this material. Because waxed wood floors will be easily damaged if cleaned with a hardwood floor cleaner. To keep the sparkle, you can use hardwood floor cleaner form of ammonia-based wax strippers. This ammonia material can make a dull hardwood floor shine again.

Next for you who have varnish floors, you have to hire an expert for applying a layer of polyurethane on your floor. If the varnish layer was damaged, you cannot just add one or two layers of varnish to fix it. You would have to change it. Hardwood floors made from polyurethane are the most commonly used today. There are so many brands of hardwood floor cleaner for these materials in the market. To find out more info about wooden flooring Houston, you’ve to press here.

Besides of using hardwood floor cleaner that is available in the market, you can also create your own hardwood floor cleaner from natural materials. Mixture of warm water and vinegar or lemon is a natural hardwood floor cleaner. This hardwood floor cleaner can be used on all materials except wood, which has been polished, either using polyurethane or varnish. Olive oil can also be used as a hardwood floor cleaner.

Be sure not to use too much olive oil in a mixture of warm water, because it can cause the floor slippery and dangerous to your family members. The most recommended way is to use essential oils as a hardwood floor cleaner. Essential oils do not have long-term negative effects. Essential oils are also well as an antibacterial. Mix eight to ten drops of essential oil in one gallon of warm water. Use this mixture as your hardwood floor cleaner.