How to Adjust Nail Gun Depth

How to Adjust Nail Gun Depth?

Sandra Morales
May 2, 2021 0 Comment

Nail guns are an excellent tool that saves labor and also removes the stressful and exhausting use of hammers to push metal nails on the surface. But more than everything, it also depends on how deep you have entered the nails.

Depth of the nails gives them the right bond and connection to fix them properly on the harder surfaces. But how to adjust the depth of your nail gun?

You need different depths for different projects, and every time before setting on work, you need to select the depth. We will guide you with pertinent information and step by step guide for the depth setting.

Why depth adjustment is essential

Why depth adjustment is essential

Depth adjustment is essential for the good performance of your work. If you are fencing your home and have the best cordless nail gun for fencing, it will spoil your work if the depth is not proper. If depth is lower, it will not fix and connect different parts properly, but you may deteriorate the surface if you insert too deep. So depending on the thickness of the surface, you need proper depth adjustment for nails of a nail gun before setting on work.

Steps to adjust nail guns depth

Here are below simple steps to adjust the nail gun depth to help you to adjust the depth for any of the nail guns. No matter what type of nail gun you have, these steps will help you adjust the depth.

Step one

First of all, examine the depth of the surface where you need to push the nails. Surely you do not want to push the nail in such depth that your nail crosses the surface and appears from the other side; it will give a tedious look.

But it would be best if you also had a proper depth of nail for proper securing of the nails. To measure the surface before starting your work. It will help you to secure the nail properly.

Step two

When you take a measurement, then after taking the width of the surface then decide about how much depth you need to set. Suppose the width of the surface is 2×4 inches, then using one-inch deep nails is good. You can increase or decrease depth according to the width of the surface.

Step Three

Now adjust the depth of nails on your nail gun. You will need to do that through the use of a depth control unit on your nail gun.

Find out the depth control unit to make adjustments to the depth. It is pretty easy to set adjustments by sliding or through a small dial setting.

 If there is a dial for depth control, then set the depth adjustment by turning the dial. But if there is a slide system for depth control, then slide the control unit and adjust properly.

Step Four

After that, you need the right nails, so compare the length of nails and the surface width for proper securing of nails. It is essential because if you have chosen the too short nail, it will not properly insert in the required depth even if you apply too much force.

But if the length of the nail is longer, then it will also not properly secure. If you push more, it will pass from the surface; if you do not push, it will remain outside.

Step Five

When setting the nail gun’s depth, consider the hardness of the surface; if the surface is too harder then set depth a little bit more than the required depth.

Final Thoughts

It is essential for proper securing of nails that you have made appropriate adjustments to the nail gun. But you need proper instructions as we have guided you to set the adjustment at the right level. It will make your work perfectly as you required.