The Benefits of Noolvl For eSports Athletes

Sandra Morales
October 3, 2023 0 Comment

eSports athletes require a lot of focus, concentration and reaction time to be good at their games. To help them perform, Nutrition 21 has a new patented ingredient called noolvl.

It takes arginine and combines it with silica and inositol. This creates a bonded form of arginine that is long-lasting and increases nitric oxide to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Increased Energy

Gaming takes a lot of energy and gamers find that consuming Noolvl gives them increased energy levels. This is mainly because it is a safe non-stimulant ingredient that does not affect heart rate or blood pressure. Moreover, it also increases the mental acuity and focus of gamers which translates to faster speed. This is why it is widely consumed by gamers and bodybuilders alike. Noolvl was formulated for and studied in esports athletes to target the benefits that matter most to them.

Improved Focus

Whether it’s a mid-day meeting or an early evening workout, focus you can feel is essential to staying on task. Noolvl’s multiple clinical studies show that it boosts cognitive function without the jitters and crash you can get from caffeine-enhanced products.

Among gamers, one of the most significant benefits of noolvl is increased reaction speed. It can also improve accuracy, alertness and visual attention. The ingredient is also known for helping players stay motivated.

Nutrition 21 has recently started promoting its clinically substantiated nootropic ingredient, nooLVL, specifically to the Esports (electronic sports) market. Noolvl is found in the upcoming supplement Player1 from Rule One Proteins, billed as a “Gaming Performance Booster.” Other ingredients include L-theanine, carotenoids (lutein/zeaxanthin), natural-source delayed-release caffeine, theacrine and choline. Its formulation is designed to enhance reaction time, focus, accuracy, energy and visual attention. Moreover, the ingredient can reduce errors and enhance overall game performance. It also supports brain nitric oxide production and improves blood flow to the brain, thereby increasing oxygen and nutrients delivery.

Increased Reaction Time

eSports gamers rely on quick reactions, focus, memory, and fine motor skills to excel during competition. Research shows that the patented complex of bonded arginine silicate and silicon with an additional optimized dose of inositol developed by Nutrition 21 improves reaction time, focus and accuracy in game play without negatively impacting heart rate or blood pressure.

In a clinical study, eSports gamers taking the study product reported increased energy1 levels and less fatigue than the placebo group, and the product significantly reduced error rates during 60 minutes of gaming compared to the placebo group. Additionally, the study showed that bonded arginine silicate and inositol support nitric oxide production to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain, improving cognitive flexibility and reaction time.

Professional frames per second players have reaction times as short as 100 to 250 milliseconds, and after gaming for long periods of time, this ability can dwindle due to fatigue. Noolvl can help boost these crucial mental functions and is a safe, non-stimulant ingredient that can be added to supplements in powder, RTDs and gummies.

Improved Memory

The non-stimulant complex in noolvl, which contains inositol and bonded L-arginine silicate, has been clinically proven to improve cognitive performance. This includes boosting focus, reaction time, and memory. Specifically, it has been shown to increase decision making and short-term memory by increasing blood flow and nitric oxide (NO) production, which help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the brain. These benefits are particularly important for gamers, who have to make quick decisions to succeed and overcome the challenges of gaming. Noolvl is also a great source of energy without raising heart rate or blood pressure. This makes it a safe and effective cognitive health ingredient.